Well, if home is the focus of the Depth Year experiment, I did something very non-Depth Year this summer. I rented out my house to a family for a month who were in between stints in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I know them peripherally, so they weren't complete strangers, and the financial boon was a … Continue reading Home

February Report

Depth Days to write: Took 3 days off; wrote an important Facebook post and 2 new blogposts Kids on board: One family night, I  pulled out some old journals from my pre-teen years and read them aloud to my kids, who found my antics hilarious. They got out their journals and wrote faithfully for several days in a … Continue reading February Report

January Report

This may not be an exciting read, but I'd like to track progress throughout the year on my Depth Year goals. Helps with accountability! Here's January's report: Depth Days to write: 2 that were scheduled, 5 more because of flu; 4 new blogposts Kids on board: Said no to impulse toy purchases; had several family … Continue reading January Report