Immobilizing Fear

I have a history, a story that has shaped and refined who I am, that has given me an ability to speak with gravity on an important matter, because I have been carved by its weight personally. I also have a fear, a very real fear, of judgment and retaliation if I open my mouth … Continue reading Immobilizing Fear

Polishing the Gifts We’re Given

We're all born with unique gifts: talents and abilities mindfully given that add to our individuality and serve as guideposts for the paths we pursue. The beautiful thing about these gifts is that they typically have a cumulative effect for good, rippling outwards to lift others up as well as yourself. Does empathy come naturally … Continue reading Polishing the Gifts We’re Given

January Report

This may not be an exciting read, but I'd like to track progress throughout the year on my Depth Year goals. Helps with accountability! Here's January's report: Depth Days to write: 2 that were scheduled, 5 more because of flu; 4 new blogposts Kids on board: Said no to impulse toy purchases; had several family … Continue reading January Report