Homage to Mary Oliver

Recoiling, still-swollen heart stitched up from past hurts rent in two again, my soul knew without prescription what it lacked, what would slake its anemic thirst. And so, four years ago, I carved out time to spend hours and days in the library nestled on a hill: its small, dark wood and brick interior teeming … Continue reading Homage to Mary Oliver


Heart Turned

Malachi 4:6--And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers... I've never been afraid of ghosts. My relationship with those who have passed on is one of the warmest and sweetest aspects of my life. I believe the spirits of those who have … Continue reading Heart Turned


Well, if home is the focus of the Depth Year experiment, I did something very non-Depth Year this summer. I rented out my house to a family for a month who were in between stints in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I know them peripherally, so they weren't complete strangers, and the financial boon was a … Continue reading Home

A Time to…

Work life is thriving lately. The organizing business I've invested so much energy and thought into with my business partner is blossoming and growing. I'm proud of what we've been able to create. But spending so much time in that pursuit also means I'm often tired, overbooked, and feeling like other areas in my life … Continue reading A Time to…