SMM18963 Mary at Tony Grove

I’ve been drawn to simple living and minimalism for a few years now, and my work as a professional organizer reminds me daily that many people are seeking something different than the excessive consumerism our current culture offers. We are drowning in stuff, craving authenticity and connection while blinded by marketing and messages of false perfectionism on social media. I’m embracing a challenge this year to live with more depth, to limit the addiction I have to newness and variety, and to appreciate what I already have and am. Documenting the journey will add a layer of accountability. I’m not entirely sure where it will lead, but taking the first steps on a path canopied by promise of new growth is exhilarating. That newness will wear off, and a string of experiences will remain, grounding me in a new direction and perhaps serving as an inspiration for you as well. Beauty is all around us: in the physical world, the kind acts of others, or the joy that comes after sorrow’s pendulum. Let’s dig down deep past the frivolities and dwell in it.  ~Mary Wood