January Report

This may not be an exciting read, but I’d like to track progress throughout the year on my Depth Year goals. Helps with accountability! Here’s January’s report:

Depth Days to write: 2 that were scheduled, 5 more because of flu; 4 new blogposts

Kids on board: Said no to impulse toy purchases; had several family game nights; watched Lord of the Rings trilogy together; went on one-on-one dates with each child (hike Donut Falls with J, Greatest Showman with L).

Only purchase non-essentials: There were many, many impulse buys that I rejected. It’s educational to notice how often the desire comes, and why! (Instagram marketing is effective, which is why I hate it…) The difficulty for me this month was what to do with gift cards and credits. I had a large credit at Target and decided to get a Rip-stick (skateboard/balance exercise equipment) for J because he’d bought one for L for Christmas and they use them daily to exercise. I felt it was a worthy purchase, but was it essential? No. I’m sure I’ll encounter more of these gray-area questions.

I did eat out less, and ordered water instead of soda. I craved fruits and veggies this month and ate a ton of them!

Only four items of clothes per year per person: L got a hoodie, J got a new jacket, and I didn’t need anything.

Consume media already stockpiled: I acquired a “Best of John Williams” CD last year and finally took the time to listen to it. Amazing to have all of that goodness in one place! “Star Wars” opening chord and “Theme from E.T.” horn lines at the end make me cry every time. 🙂 Also enjoyed watching “Far from the Madding Crowd” with a friend.

Books I own that I read: East of Eden, by John Steinbeck; Beauty; The Invisible Embrace, by John O’Donohue; 1 Nephi. I read out loud from Little House on the Prairie to L and encouraged J to read Sherlock Holmes. The book about beauty has really touched me deeply. The author explores beauty in all its forms: in nature, color, music, movement, art, imagination, love and attraction, the beauty of the flaw, death, and God. It’s a fascinating read (a little dense in the middle, which is why I hadn’t finished it before this challenge) that I will quote and revisit often. Highly recommended!

Existing relationships strengthened: Game night competition with neighbor families; L spent the day with her old best friends; daily Marco Polo conversations with family; another game night with Alaska pals; phone calls with P; went to dinner with H; great talk with C; hosted dinner for B and L, B, and S; compassion to S, whose parents’ health is ailing.

Hobbies we worked on: The kids painted ornaments and door decorations; I practiced piano for an hour last night (first time in years!) and played a gig (paid performance) on French horn in Logan; and we had a cooking challenge to discover new recipes in cookbooks already owned. Come try some delicious ribs!



2 thoughts on “January Report

  1. What is your daily Marco Polo? I’m assuming some form of questions about your day? Sounds like something I would like with my kids. Love all this, by the way!


    • Have you tried the Marco Polo app? We’ve got our whole entire family on it now, and can leave individual or group messages. It’s a video of you talking that can be watched whenever the viewer is ready, with some fun special effects that makes it fun for kids. Our closeness levels have soared as far as knowing what’s going on in my siblings’ and parents’ lives on a daily basis. And I can MP my kids when they’re at their dad’s.


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