Depth Year Challenge 2018

My friend David Cain, author of the blog “Raptitude,” wrote this fantastic post.

“Go Deeper, Not Wider”

I met David and some other terrific people at a retreat in Ecuador, which I’ll tell you about later. We keep up as a group and have decided to do our own personalized versions of the Depth Year for 2018. Mine looks like this:

  • Don’t buy any things you don’t need. No stuff. Groceries and necessities are fine, of course, and experiences such as travel or creating memories with my kids are fully sanctioned. But no personal Amazon or online purchases (work supplies okay), no tech upgrades, and a significant reduction in “miscellaneous” expenses per month.
  • Only four new items of clothes this year; one per season. I’ve been curating my closet for several years now, and have gotten rid of a lot I don’t like. I’ll go further. Whatever hasn’t been worn by the end of the year will be donated.
  • No new hobbies, equipment, or books. Explore old ones. I’ll be practicing the French horn and piano more, reading books I already own rather than buying any or going to the library, playing sports with my kids that we already have equipment for, and going camping more often.
  • Eat out only when necessary and don’t order anything to drink other than water. Thankfully, I don’t have a problem with alcohol or soda, but I’d like to reduce my sugar intake while eating out. Bye, Sprite and Chick-fil-A lemonade!
  • Consume media you’ve already stockpiled rather than acquiring more. I did recently join Google Play with my family, so I have access to a lot of music, but when I’m driving in the car I’d like to sift through (and declutter) my large CD collection.
  • Get my kids on board. Thankfully, they are excited about seeking depth this year as well. They will only get new toys or gadgets from me on their birthday or Christmas, and we have planned special activities together: ice skating; Tepanyaki; camping in Capitol Reef, the Rubies, and Logan Canyon; playing catch, swimming, and tennis; cake decorating contests; and visiting my parents in Louisiana.
  • Use money saved to “buy” two uninterrupted days each month as Depth Days, which will be used to write, journal, and explore items already in my home. I’m self-employed, so I create my own schedule, but reducing careless consumption will allow me to actually buy what I want the most: time to write.
  • Write at least one post per month on my experiences buying less and delving more.
  • Host at least four Depth Day Retreats this year. I have room for guests in my basement and would love to bring like-minded people together for a retreat in which we’ll each tackle a project that’s been acquiring dust (literally or figuratively). We’ll have great food, sharing sessions, and I’ll teach a few organizing principles for living a better-thought-out life. Let me know if you’re interested in attending.
  • At the end of the year, anything passed over during Depth Days (still chose not to read that book, listen to that CD, figure out that sewing machine) will get donated on December 31st or given away. 

Are you choosing to do a Depth Year? How do your goals differ from mine? Best of luck and here we go!



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