Sorrow’s Pendulum

In school, we learn the concept of Newton’s Third Law: that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What if this law of physics has a spiritual counterpart, and what does that mean in terms of the weight of adversity in our lives? I work part-time for a weekly television broadcast as a music … Continue reading Sorrow’s Pendulum


A Touch of Nostalgia

I think there are different layers of thickness of nostalgia when you visit an old place full of memories. The more often you've frequented a location, such as living in one city for most of your life, the thinner the sentimentality, because old, current, and new memories have to make room for each other in … Continue reading A Touch of Nostalgia

January Report

This may not be an exciting read, but I'd like to track progress throughout the year on my Depth Year goals. Helps with accountability! Here's January's report: Depth Days to write: 2 that were scheduled, 5 more because of flu; 4 new blogposts Kids on board: Said no to impulse toy purchases; had several family … Continue reading January Report