Gifts of Consecration

A few weeks ago, I worked behind the scenes on a worldwide broadcast for my church. It was a celebration of people of color, and as the script and songs unfolded with more soul than I've ever seen around here, I felt overwhelmed by the special nature of the event. The performance was electrifying and … Continue reading Gifts of Consecration


A Time to…

Work life is thriving lately. The organizing business I've invested so much energy and thought into with my business partner is blossoming and growing. I'm proud of what we've been able to create. But spending so much time in that pursuit also means I'm often tired, overbooked, and feeling like other areas in my life … Continue reading A Time to…

January Report

This may not be an exciting read, but I'd like to track progress throughout the year on my Depth Year goals. Helps with accountability! Here's January's report: Depth Days to write: 2 that were scheduled, 5 more because of flu; 4 new blogposts Kids on board: Said no to impulse toy purchases; had several family … Continue reading January Report